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Is Just The Beginning.

Get More From Your Website

What should your perfect website DO?

A website should do more than just look nice. It should bring you more leads, more sales, higher conversions, and create loyalty. Your website should be unique to your business and show potential clients why your business is the PERFECT fit. If your current website isn’t doing this, then it’s just an expensive brochure.

We Build Relationships First. And Your Ideal Website Second.

We’re All About People

We love getting to know you and your business over coffee or lunch. We want to know the goals and pain points of your business. I’m sure we have a creative solution to meet both those needs. We are web developers from New Mexico who are passionate about helping local businesses grow and thrive in an ever changing industry. As graduates from Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp, we have the knowledge to deliver the results you need for your website to promote you 24/7/365.

Giles Wordpress Developer

Giles Sandoval

Co-Founder & Web Developer

I am a husband and father to my beautiful wife, Bay, and our new baby boy named Grey. They bring me an innumerable amount of joy! I also enjoy running marathons, eating green chile & pepperoni pizza (a coder's fuel), and rising up to a challenge.

For every single project that I work on my focus has been on creating the best user experience possible. I believe the difference between good and great is attention to detail. I enjoy the feeling of building great websites with awesome people.

christina wordpress developer

Christina Sosa

Co-Founder & Web Developer

Hello! My name is Christina and I'm a web developer and co-founder of Flek Development. I am a former clinical research coordinator who fell in love with learning to code. I am drawn to the blend of the technical and the creative. I am growing my skill set daily and enjoy conquering new challenges that arise with each unique project.

We build lasting relationships


“I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!”

Edie JohsonBoard Certified Nurse Practitioner
The perfect website works toward accomplishing your ultimate goal.

Our Services


Web design that gets more customers calling you, knowledge thirsty visitors joining your newsletter, raving fans to follow you, shoppers turning into loyal buyers, or bloggers uniting to promote your awesome name!


Having trouble writing engaging content or tooting your own horn? Engaging content is key to hooking your visitors. SEO friendly content helps too. Let our expert curators generate great copy that makes you (and those fast growing search engines) happy!

Social Media

Social media is like feeding triplets simultaneously, sure you could do it by yourself; but it is nice to have some extra hands. We can help you plan out your posts, bring a fresh vision to your approach, and manage all your social media platforms. Ask us how we can help.


Creativity and logic are the keys to getting people to join your newsletter or mailing lists. You are an authority figure and you have valuable information to share with the world. Let us help you build an audience so you help others be well informed.


Our 52 point website audit checklist will help you see where the fatal mistakes are in your current website. We give you a thorough report on your website concerning SEO, Design, Content, and Speed of your site.

Maintenance Care

I’m sure making small or big changes to your site can cost you hours of time & money. That’s precious energy diverted away from your business. Let us tailor a custom, affordable website maintenance care plan for you. So you can focus on what matters most…your business.

Creation & Management

This is a popular way to ensure loyal fans keep coming back to your website. This is also a great way to establish yourself as an authority figure in your particular industry or niche. We can help you build a fabulous blog that you can be proud of. We even offer monthly services to help you maintain or monetize your blog.


Need an online store? E-commerce has been steadily growing, and for some retailers or businesses, the majority of their sales are online. Are you missing out on sales because you don’t have an e-commerce website? We can help build and offer a tailored monthly service to maintain & update products to your secure online store.

Web Development

Do you have a big or small web application that needs some (tender loving care) maintenance? Let us see if we’re a good fit for your project. We’ll make sure we get your website the attention it deserves. Even if it’s out of our scope, we have friends in high places that we’d be happy to make an introduction for you.
Take Your Website To New Heights With Flek Development

An ideal website should promote you 24/7. Your best employee can’t do that for you. But we can!